Q. Is the procedure safe?
A. Yes, we use a natural non-toxic alginate to make the moulds which gives fine fingerprint definition.

Q. How long does the process take?
A. The material for the moulds sets quickly approximately 30 - 40 seconds, however we need time to make up the mixture and settle mother and child. The actual casting into solid bronze is a lengthy process and the finished product should be ready for delivery in 8 weeks.

Q. How do you prevent the child wriggling?
A. It is natural for children to wriggle a little but as the material sets quickly it prevents most movement. If we are not happy with the result we will repeat the mould at no extra cost.

Q. What if we want a number of impressions made?
A. Each mould is a "one off’ so we would mould as many impressions as required.

Q. Are the castings in a frame?
A. Baby Bronzes are free standing, solid bronze hands and feet which do not require framing, in fact handling enhances them.

Q. Do Baby Bronzes have a guarantee?
A. Yes, we guarantee Baby Bronzes as solid bronze with a lifetime guarantee.

Q. Where does the Baby Bronze mould process take place?
A. Baby Bronze moulds are taken at the location of the person whose details are on the website.  Under exceptional circumstances we charge a call out fee to come to you.

Q. What length should the ankles and wrists be?
A. Due to the nature of the moulding and casting process the length of the ankles/wrists will vary. The foundry always smoothes back the ankles/wrists to give balance to the the bronzes and an even surface for engraving.  If longer ankles/wrists are requested there will be an additional cost.