About us

Baby Bronzes was established in Wellington in 1992 as part of the foundry Created and Cast Bronze Ltd.

Created and Cast bronze specializes in the lostwax bronze casting process,this is a very specialised and labour intensive technique that dates back 4000 years.

The lostwax process is used to cast fine sculpture and monuments, or in the case of Baby Bronzes your child's hands and feet. Absolute detail is reproduced including fingerprints.

The castings are not exclusively of children, we have often been asked to cast adult hands as well.

The initial mould of your child is done using a non toxic material, the procedure is painless, safe and fast.

Each cast bronze hand or foot has a lifetime guarantee, they are solid bronze and do not need the protection of a frame, handling will enhance them. All castings are engraved, dated and packaged.

Baby Bronzes are high quality castings made with the finest materials. They will be a permanent record of your childs development.